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Friday, 1-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Tuesday, 10-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
But where are the Newts?

you can see the upper "shelf"
an aerial view!
a side view with newt!
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This is a Sterilite filing box. i used hot glue and plexiglass to create a "shelf", which i filled with peat moss. When the newts morph, they'll have somewhere to go. It's not big enough for very long, but good enough for this in between period before and during morphing.

Monday, 9-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Google Image Search for Axolotls

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It's not as boring as you'd think!

The first three cartoons (the ones in English) are apparently from Mad Magazine in the early 60's. Somebody must have been quite tickled by the word!

The Bottle is Extract of axolotls. It claims to cure sicknesses of the chest and lung, anemia, consumption...

The french cartoon says, [girl]"I've found a new Pokemon!" [axolotl]"I am an axolotl andouille". Andouille either means a food or a prat. Not sure how to interpret this

I also found out that the video game Final Fantasy apparently has a character inspired by an axolotl. Pretty interesting rendition.

Thursday, 5-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
What's been going on in the Lab?

4/23- Water changes for baby axos and otos, Mock Turtle (w/meds), Fed all baby axos, baby fish, started R.H. Brine Shrimp.

We should probably start thinking about alternative housing arrangements for the baby axos- they're starting to outgrow the cups, but clearly can't be trusted with each other's appendages-MW

4/25 Fed baby axos x2, changed water, moved a baby guppy-Steve
Changed Mock Turtle's water w/ meds, fed all, changed some water, checked fridge temp (~12C), started L Brine Shrimp -EF

Moved another guppy-Steve

4/26 Fed baby axos- Steve
Fed baby axos, fish, changed Mock Turtle's water, brought balckworms, moved approximately 1 million baby guppies, started R brine shrimp-EF

4/27 fed babies and changed some water-EF

4/28 fed baby axos, changed water, moved 5 baby guppies, what should i do with the blackworms when i change the water?

4/29 1)After changing baby water, use an eyedropper to feed the worms back to the baby axos.
Started L. Brine Shrimp.Fed All, Changed some water,hooked up timer. Light should run from noonish to midnightish. If necessary adjust, but keep 12 hour light for now. Rinsed blackworms, changed Mock Turtle's water. Left him out- please try to feed every once in a while, live foods will probably work best. I'm trying low water level, so water quality will be important. Change water with treated tap water (no more yellow water). I left him with 2 baby fish, 1 earth worm, and some black worms. please report if anything gets eaten thx, E

Fed baby axos and changed water-Steve

5/2 Fed baby axos and fish, changed Mock Turtle and Torpor's water, geave M.T 2 fish fry and some blackworms. Moved otocinclus and 2 fry.

5/4 Fed all, started brine shrimp, changed water. filled former med aquarium for Torpor and moved him. moved about 5 baby fish. moved all baby axos into aquarium, since they seem to be able to hide from one another pretty well in there. fed red wigglers and nightcrawlers, rinsed and culled the blackworms.

Mock Turtle is doing great! He's no longer floating and he's eating well. i plan to move him in with Torpor next weekend.

I think we should scale back our brine shrimp production since the axos are eating mostly blackworms. One jug at a time should cover us well for feeding fish and giving plenty to the axos.

The babies are doing great- congratulations everyone!-e

Monday, 25-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

a bad picture of one of the fish tanks
still more
another fish tank pic
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